CrowdSourcing Competition

With the purpose of encouraging digital media practices in the Middle East and North Africa regions, Leaders International launches the Digital Innovations for Peace (DIP) Call for Applications, which targets entrepreneurs in digital media and fact-checking. Co-funded by the EU, and implemented by Leaders International, DW Akademie, and Elbiro Media, DIP aims to foster social resilience against the growing threat of disinformation and to promote peace in the digital sphere in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Algeria, and Tunisia.


Training Objectives

Through an online training program, entrepreneurs, media professionals, and ICT experts will get the opportunity to work together to come up with novel ideas in the field of digital media in a 3-week training program.

Deadline to register



Entrepreneurs, media professionals, and ICT experts from the MENA region, applicants from the abovementioned countries are encouraged to apply if they meet the following requirements: To be in the age range of 18-35 years and to have an innovative digital media idea.

Training Structure

The 3-week virtual training will cover the topics of ideation for digital media challenges, BMC development, pitching and presentation skills, and access to open-source solutions and ICT technologies.

Selection criteria

Participants are evaluated by the jury based on their idea; utilizing open-source solutions, displaying creativity, addressing entrepreneurial challenges, as well as commitment & active participation, efficiency & expertise, and the final presentation.


Ultimately, participants are expected to present their ideas and solutions to a judging panel. The top three participants will receive a prize of €1000 and the opportunity to participate in upcoming hackathons to further develop their solutions.

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