Bring your innovative media project to life

Bring your innovative media  project to life


As technology evolves, and more data is created on the web, the pollution and manipulation of information rise on a global scale. Misinformation and disinformation on the internet are threatening our values of peace and social cohesion.

Utilise 13 different categories of resources, from computational linguistics solutions to language models and datasets, to build solutions that can combat hate speech, fake news and other media challenges.

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MIL Resources

Media and information literacy enables media producers to become skilled content creators and empowers media consumers to better interpret and judge media content.

Gain access to 6 different categories of resources, from open-source fact-checking tools to MOOCs and digital safety material, to come up with solutions that can help further improve MIL and tackle infodisorder.

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CrowdSourcing Competition

Use open-source tools we collated on this platform to come up with a new, scalable and competitive idea for a digital media solution

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